• What are the connections between your chosen genre/format for your RCA essay, translation, and presentation?

The RCA essay, translation and the presentation all talk about the same topic of “Internet being an addiction” in different media forms. The research paper extensively explains the topic while the mmt and presentation explain the topic in different media forms in different ways and styles.

  • Were you successful in reaching your audience?

Yes, I conveyed my message in 3 different forms to my audience. The three different media types help convey the message to different age groups.

  • What different strategies did you use to get your message across in the essay? The transition? The presentation?

In today’s modern society, not everyone reads research papers so for my message to go to all age groups I conveyed my message in three different media’s which will enable the message to be conveyed to all age groups.

  • Which strategies were successful? How/why

The idea of conveying the message in video was the most successful because everyone prefers to watch a short clip or a 3-5 min video instead of reading a 10-page long research paper or watching a 20 slide presentation.

Multi-Modal Translation