Self-Reflection Essay

Everyone has their own ways and means to write. Some let their thoughts invade their mind and they write about it while some scribble on paper and connect the dots to find out something interesting. I find it hard to write. Writings essays from time to time is difficult for me hence I follow the process of writing. The writing process is an approach to make a draft, revise,and edit it. It was something I was advised to do by one of professors who saw my struggle to write. This process needs a lot of time, reading, focus and editing.

Coming with a topic is not a hard thing when we have a lot of things to talk about but narrowing it down and researching for it is something I’ve always struggled with. Narrowing a broad topic down and researching about it the hardest task for me. So, the first approach I take it to narrow all my ideas down and write them on a piece of paper. It gives me a more control over my own thoughts and I can easily understand the main points and topics I want to write about in my paper. At college level, our classes require us to write long essays and they all require critical thinking and analysis. After narrowing everything down I review the information I have, and I decide how I’ll arrange and make an outline of my writing. Outline is the skeleton of our paper; it is the structure of what I will write about. In the outline I have my introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs and at last the conclusions. This way I don’t get off track and write and focus on the topic I am taking about. Outline is a essential part of my writing process. By forming a outline I can clearly understand the path I need to take for my writing.

This course has pushed me to become better. It has tested my writing capacity. The essays and the assignments I did so far in this course had made me realize the importance of pre-planning your paper and following the writing process. I wasn’t good at forming sentence structure, connecting paragraphs but with a lot of practice of writing essays for this course I have come up yo a point where I feel like I am getting better. Sometimes writing requires more than a single draft for me to write a well-constructed essay or research paper. My peers helped me a lot in getting better and understanding the rules for writing a thesis and forming a well-constructedessay. Assignments such as watching a ted talk and then talking about it is something that has never been a problem course the topic and theme is clear and concise and you know you only have to talk about it. Research papers are rather more difficult to comprehend and understand for me since we must do all the research and write about it.

My sentence structure, formation has got better this year due to the essays and assignments I’ve done. My course work has pushed me try hard and get better in my writing. Paragraph structure and arranging them one after another in a essay according to the right order has also helped me in my writing and made me better in it. I’ve learned a lot from my peers who are always there to support and help me wherever I am stuck in writing. I hope to get more better and overcome my writing problems soon with the help of my course work assignments and with the help of my professors and peers.