Semi-Weekly Reflection

Week 4:

In my annotations about the article, I mainly quoted the Journal and explained whatever was written in it. My main focus was how media helped the medical assistants and researches a platform to spread knowledge about the virus.

In the article the author talks about the intricate role of media and public during the covid-19 pandemic. The author discusses how media, public and the scientists worked together to solve the global crises. The article points out how medical experts and the scientists didn’t always agree on how to understand or deal with the virus, leading to a global confusion. The article also talks about how sharing information about this virus with the public with the help of media helped in spreading knowledge but also faced challenges in ensuring if the information is correct or not.

Annotating the article helped me in many ways as it helped me talk about whatever that was important in the article. And only highlight the information that was regarding to my topic of interest.

Week 5:

Drafting has helped me a lot in my writing progress so far. It helps me understand the topics I want to write about and arrange them in a proper order. I would like to spend more time on researching and incorporating quotes from my research into the essay or writing assignment I am writing about. Usually, I get all the clarification for my work from class but if not than I ask my peers who help a lot.

Week 6:

Brooklyn Public Library and Jstor are two learning objects that have helped me a lot throughout this course. I found out both these databases during my high school and ever since they have been a staple in my writing progress. Both have a variety of articles, books and journals available on the website and it can help a lot in writing progress.

Week 7:

The essay talks about the intricate dynamics between media and pandemics, mainly focusing on the context of COVID-19. It delves into the roots of pandemic highlighting the evolution of media from traditional platforms. The essay talks about the challenges faced by the modern media and convincingly argues about how media is a vital tool in spreading information rapidly around the world. It talks about both the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Week 9:

Online publications, academic papers, research projects, and databases are all types of media that I employ as research sources. Data from online publications, such as news stories and scholarly journals. They allow me to gather up-to-date information. Academic journals and research papers cover a wide range of fields and give me with insight into scientific discoveries, theories, and approaches. Databases provide me with access to a vast range of accurate information on a variety of issues. All these sources help me understand different perspectives, theories, and factual information across various domains. They support my ability to generate responses and provide me with information on a wide range of topics.

Week 10:

One thing that has aided me in my writing process is drafting. It’s like scribbling down all your ideas whenever and wherever you want, which has helped me grow as a writer. It provides me with support and background thoughts for what I want to discuss and how I should compose it. Making a draft of what I want to talk about has really aided me in understanding my writing style and, more importantly, in comprehending what the prompt is asking of me. It has dramatically altered my writing style and assisted me in becoming a better writer.

Week 11:

The discussion moved on from just identifying the problem of internet addiction to giving a detailed study of its underlying origins, varied consequences, and comprehensive solutions. It has broadened by incorporating scientific findings and expert viewpoints, providing a comprehensive understanding of the issue, and proposing realistic preventative and mitigation methods.

Week 12:

The research essay and MMT are related due to the way they discuss the same topic but in a different media medium. The MMT adds a new perspective to the task at hand.  It describes the essay, and they both have the same background theme. This gives the essay numerous shapes to address different generations of readers.

Week 14:

Recognizing the context and target audience proved to be the most beneficial. It has a tremendous impact on the composition’s style, tone, and content. It assists in properly tailoring the message and ensuring relevancy.